Why is it important to be Active?

We are often encouraged to keep active, but what does it actually do for us? Here are our top 3 reasons to keep active:

1) Makes you happier: Exercise releases happy hormones that help to lift your mood and give you a boost. It can help with mental health, sleeping normally and reducing stress.

2) Keeps you healthy: When done right, making your body work hard keeps all of its systems ticking over nicely. It can help your heart, mind, joints and immune system to function at their best. It also makes you stronger and more physically capable.

3) Increases your Physical literacy: When we progressed from being able to sit up to being able to crawl, or from being able to crawl to being able to stand and walk, we improved our physical literacy. It is just as important to be lifelong physical learners as it is to be lifelong educational learners. When you learn new skills and improve on old ones, it makes your body more able to deal with and be strong in more complex positions, and you never know when that will come in handy or prevent injury. Just as we can run where we could once only walk, we can also learn to jump, bend, swing, climb, roll and vault. The more movement options you have in your arsenal, the more you have to use when you need to do something trickier than sitting or walking.

If you want to keep active there are lots of options to choose from, we offer Parkour and Movement sessions and we find that these are a great place to start. If you or your kids are looking to get more active, then take a look at our classes and come and try it out! We have Parkour classes for kids, adults, schools and more available in Barking, Grays, Pitsea and Stratford. Head over to our SERVICES pages to find out more.

Keep Moving!

Nico and Robyn